Candra Jones was born and raised in Manhattan New York to a mother who was a schoolteacher and a father who was a hardworking mechanic who died of colon cancer when she was 8 years old. At young age she was diagnosed with a learning disability. So as a young girl being raised in a single parent household, Candra struggled with self-esteem issues and education pursuits. Candra wanted to grow and she knew the only way to find her happiness and figure who she was. she wanted to move away and so she decided college would be the best option.

While attending Jacksonville University candra was faced with adversity. She hung around the wrong crowd and didn’t take her education seriously. She was failing through college miserably because she felt as if she was a disappointment and she didn’t think success was attainable for her life. To make matters worst she was running out of financial aid, in a toxic relationship and losing friends by the second. So she decided to give up on her education pursuits because life seemed to hard.

After giving up on completing her undergraduate degree, She still didn’t know who she was or what she wanted to be in life. She started believing that she was a failure and nothing would ever get better. Not working or in college, She accepted defeat with a suspended license because she didn’t have the money to renew her tag, eviction notices being placed on her door, applying for food stamps because she couldn’t afford food. Nothing felt right and she knew something had to change in her life she just didn’t know how.

She started applying for jobs and started operating in faith. She was determined to not allow her struggle to become her identity. Within two month she accepted a job working at Hyundai of Orange Park where she worked as a car salesman’s. She also decided to go back to school and complete her degree, quitting should have never been an option.

Candra Jones


Always believe in yourself!


While earning her Bachelors degree, she began a new career at CITIbank in the customer service industry and advanced into various positions in sales and marketing, after being employed with a fortune 500 company for a little less than two years and getting several promotions, still no fulfillment. so she decided to create the life she wanted to live.

She realized that there was more to life than what society had defined her life would be and she has always been passionate about motivating, empowering and encouraging others to live there dreams by using there god given gifts, talents and abilities. Overnight she became fearless and transformed her perspective of life. She decided to pursue her entrepreneurial aspirations by visualizing her future goals and studying books about personal development and opening her own business. She started her first online business called Glamorous Beauty Essentials LLC, which sells all the beauty essentials a woman needs. Since then she has now become a certified life coach and a motivational speaker that trains her audiences to overcome self-limiting thoughts of doubt and fear by giving strategic steps to help them ultimately reach their goals. She is also currently finishing her first self-published book that will be released November of 2016 titled “A Queens Growth: A new perspective on life, love and relationships. ”

Today she is a humble servant of Christ, Entrepreneur, Business Owner, Motivational Speaker, Empowerment Life and Love Coach, Brand Consultant, Mentor and soon to be self published author. She has made a career of serving people and transforming there lives through her passion for personal self-development. Her powerful testimony of overcoming adversity and living on purpose is a timeless testament of the power of Undying Faith, Fearless Courage, Strategic and Intentional Planning, Relentless Determination and Laser Beam Focus.